Development & Land Services

Enhance Property Value with Expert Development Services

Our expert team of specialized development professionals provide a comprehensive suite of services focusing on increasing value and desirability of properties. Through obtaining entitlements and permitting, performing asset analysis, and land management, we provide clients access to information essential for making informed decisions quickly.

Our combined expertise and strong relationships with governmental agencies, consultants, and subcontracting firms enable superior service in the following areas:

  • Site feasibility analysis
  • Permit review and compliance
  • Entitlement and zoning procurement
  • Workout projects
  • Asset management
  • Due diligence

Experts in Development and Land Services

Rhonda Brewer, with over 20 years in real estate, leads Development & Land Services at LSI Companies, specializing in due diligence and entitlements. Her background includes executive roles at WCI and Newland Communities, focusing on Florida’s master planned communities. She holds an MBA in Finance and a Masters in Landscape Architecture.

Rhonda Brewer

Rhonda Brewer

Senior Vice President of Land Services

Aligning Development Solutions with Your Unique Investment Goals

Our client-first approach revolves around fully grasping your unique investment objectives, risk profiles, and targeted returns in real estate. Whether seeking stable cash flow, value-add projects, portfolio growth, or long-term generational wealth, we tailor customized strategies and development solutions to directly match your needs. With an educational spirit and dedication to your success throughout, our team provides the latest market research, project analysis, and strategic advice to inform your decisions. By optimizing every stage from pre-development to construction and asset management, we help clients bring ambitious yet nuanced real estate goals to fruition.

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